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 The 'points system' introduction.

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PostSubject: The 'points system' introduction.   Sat Oct 24, 2009 6:33 am

This is a system in which you trade in certain items that you can receive special rewards for.
Talk to me, Kyle, to trade items in.
Below is the system.

•--Dragon fire shield: 2 points
•--Bandos godsword: 3 points
•--Zamorak godsword: 4 points
•--Saradomin godsword: 5 points
•--Armadyl godsword: 10 points
•--Bandos tasset: 3 points
•--Bandos chestplate: 4 points
•--Party hat (any color): 25 points
•--Santa hat: 20 points
•--Dragon claws: 25 points
•--Firecape: 30 points[/list]

•--Premium member: 30 points
•--Temporary Moderator: 35 points (lasts for 2 weeks)
Donator: 45 points (Note: Spawn any party hats, masks and dragon claws whenever you want. You can NOT trade in THESE anymore or trade to other people for them to trade in)
•--Long-Term Moderator: 50 points (1 month. Will be made longer if you are doing good and well)
100 million coins: 20 points

Please be aware that only I, Kyle, will be able to add points to your account.
If you would like to request a item then please contact me, Kyle, via the forums or by my MSN @ .
I may negotiate.
Have a good day,

-Sincerely yours,
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The 'points system' introduction.
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