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 Purchase merchandise from JavaScape for your benefits+to support the server!

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PostSubject: Purchase merchandise from JavaScape for your benefits+to support the server!   Sat Oct 24, 2009 4:23 am

You can purchase merchandise clicking the below button:

Click here to purchase merchandise from JavaScape™️!

Moderator Status:
Cost: $3.00 USD
Comes with: Premium Member Status status,::xteleto, ::kick, mute, 200m cash.

Administrator Status:
Cost: $5.00 USD
Comes with: ::pickup, ::banuser, ::xteleto, ::xteletome, can pickup any item except Owners items.

Co-Owner Status:
Cost: $10.00 USD
Comes with: ::pickup, ::banuser, ::xteleto, ::xteletome,::ipban, ::mod (Get Owners permission to use first), ::admin (Get Owners permission to use first), can trade and can drop.
Note: A Co-Owners suggestions are taken very deeply, as are all other players, but Co-Owners can make 'private suggestions' to the Owner to make a bigger impact on the server.

Premium Member Status:
Cost: $4.00 USD
Comes with: Wearing any and all party hats, masks, santa, and/or dragon claws. Also Comes with choice of any of those. To purchase one of these items, see the owner with 1000m gp and purchase another.

Donator Status:
Cost: $6.00 USD
Comes with: ::donate (teleports you to a private place for donators - donators shop coming soon) giving out of any of these items from the shop is an auto-demotion of Donator}. {{{::donate COMING SOON!!!}}}

Cost: $1.00 USD

Cost: $2.00 USD

Cost: $3.00 USD

Cost: $4.00 USD

Armadyl godsword
Cost: $3.00 USD
Note: Best godsword in game. Max hit: 50 (no arrmor used). two special attacks.

Saradomin godsword
Cost:$2.00 USD
Note: Very good weapon, second strongest godsword. Max hit: undefined

Zamorak godsword
Cost: $2 USD
Note: Strong weapon. max hit: 48 (no arrmor)

Bandos godsword
Cost:$2.00 USD
Note: Strong weapon, third strongest godsword in game. max hit: 52.

Gadder hammer
Cost: $2.00 USD
Note: +65 strength bonus. 1 handed, can be used with shield.

Bandos Chestplate and Tassets:
Cost: $2.00 USD
Note: Strongest arrmor in game.

JavaScape Shirt/Jacket:
Cost: $4.00 USD for shirt, $6.00 USD for Jacket (or more)
Note: These shirts/jackets will be needed to be paid for first for instant processing, please contact Kyle about this order.

A RuneScape Private Server made by Kyle himself:
Cost: $10.00 USD
Note: The Private Server package comes with the following: Port Forwarding, custom client/source, No-IP, setup, proper naming.

Other items may be donated for.
Please speak with Owner Kyle on forums to negotiate prices for items you would like to purchase other then the items shown on the list.
Please be aware that any staff spot can be taken away at any moment if the Owner sees that that person has broken a rule or a number of rules.
The said Player will not be demoted on the first offense, UNLESS it is a serious offense.
Any player who contributes in the use of the PayPal refund button after demotion of staff member will have legal action taken against them.
Any out of game problems associated with a user or staff member is in no affiliation of any user or staff member of JavaScape.
Upon donating you accept these ToS (Terms of Service).
If there are any problems feel free to contact me via the forums private messaging system or by my MSN @
Thanks, have a good day.

-Yours truly,

P.S. Or use the below button for a brief selection of items (: [Button provided by PayPal - The leading Online Payment company]

Brief Choices:

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PostSubject: :o   Sun Sep 30, 2012 7:22 pm

do i have to buy staff?
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Purchase merchandise from JavaScape for your benefits+to support the server!
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